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The Steyr THB (Tactical Heavy Barrel) brings the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge to the platform for long-range shooters and competitors. The 6.5 CDM comes standard with a green, glass-reinforced polymer, ventilated stock that is weather-resistant and exceptionally durable, and the .308 Win. comes standard with a black synthetic stock Welcome to the Steyr Arms Gun Parts section of Midwestgunworks.com. We are glad to be able to offer parts for most current production Steyr firearms. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but they can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths geo.luger. Went through some random parts and found this Steyr luger barrel and 1940 dated Mauser barrel extension. The only markings on the barrel is an E/623 located on the bottom. The barrel extension has a intertwined RW or WR on bottom rail at rear as well as two hardess test dimples. The WR marking is the smallest I have ever seen This replacement barrel fits all models of the Steyr AUG, and will fit in any prior model from the A1 to the new AUG A3 M1. Choose either a 16″ or 20″ barrel with 1/2×28 American threads with your choice of fore grip (Black, Green, Mud, White). This barrel comes with a 1:9 twist and comes suppressor-ready for 1/2×28 Steyr-Mannlicher, which is located, naturally, in Steyr, Austria, has been hammer forging barrels longer than any other firearm manufacturer. They're located in the same town as GFM, the company that manufactures the massive, complex, and very expensive hammer forging machines used by nearly every large arms maker in the world

Just out of interest the gun was doing 780 FPS with one of the BT barrels. With no further adjustment it did 790 with the other BT, 755 with the FWB and only 710 with the factory Steyr barrel. Free power with the BT barrels, which for the record, are slightly shorter than the other barrels. Conor Never been banned from sales Staff membe AUG A1/A2/A3/USR BARREL GROUP. $600 Steyr AUG 16 1/2 X 28 Factory Threaded Complete, US Made CHF

Steyr Zephyr II 22Lr 25 NON Threaded. STEYR. MSRP: $1,075.00. Now: $1,044.11. Was: The Steyr Mannlicher Zephyr II is the rebirth of the original Zephyr rifle which was produced from 1955 through 1971. This new rifle takes cues from the original Zephyr s build quality and also sets.. CORVUS DEFENSIO AUG CHARGING HANDLE. $159.00. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. PMAG® 30 AUS® GEN M3™ Window for AUG. $19.90. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. STEYR FACTORY STG77 1.5X OPTIC Steyr Arms was first established by Josef Werndl when he launched Steyr Mannlicher in 1864 with the production of the modern breech-loading rifle system. Josef Werndl's drive to produce the most reliable firearms on the market is alive and well in Steyr Arms USA The Steyr 9mm M9/M9-A1 Threaded Barrel is a reliable part that ensures your handgun delivers precise shots on target. These Pistol Barrels developed by Steyr fit their A1 and A2 pistol models chambered in 9mm. This Steyr 9mm M9/M9-A1 Threaded Pistol Barrel is a factory-replacement barrel so you can trust the quality and craftsmanship behind each one. Equip your weapon with a Steyr 9mm A1/A2.

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  1. The Steyr Scout provides the ideal solution for versatility, durability, accuracy and reliability in a compact and lightweight bolt-action rifle platform. Developed in a nearly decade-long collaboration with legendary Marine Corps Lt.Col. Jeff Cooper, the Scout boasts an extensive list of innovative features
  2. This was done with new barrels. A la, the Steyr-Hahn P08 was born. P08 being the German designation for their 9mm. These are new production 9×19 barrels! The kick on Steyr's on the MILSURP market has always been the ammo. Can't shoot a gun that you can't get ammo for. Wellnow IGB Austria is giving you an option. Buy one of their barrels
  3. Current round count is 3900rds, and the targets below from the nitride barrel was around 3200-3500rds. I got my 1st nitride bbl in for testing from Steyr in March of 19. All 3 bbls lasted around 3500-4000rds before have a sharp 2-2.5moa drop off in accuracy
  4. Steyr AUG A3 M1 The iconic and long-serving Steyr AUG is now available in the AUG A3 M1 variant with new optic-mounting options including a short Picatinny rail, long Picatinny rail, integrated 1.5x optic or integrated 3x optic. The AUG A3 M1 is also available now in a variety of colors including Black, Green, Mud or White. As low as $2,050.0

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Steyr Arm AUG A3 M1 with 1.5x Optic .223 Rem/5.56 Semi-Automatic Rifle, OD Green - AUGM1GRNO... From $2,263.99 in 1 store. 1 http://GunsForSale.com presents a behind-the-scenes look at how firearm manufacturer Steyr-Mannlicher makes their barrels. Steyr, Austria is the home of ham.. The Steyr AUG Z is a semi-automatic only variant in compliance with Austrian weapon laws, somewhat similar to the AUG A2 but lacking the quick detachable barrels and is unable to accept the trigger group from the assault rifles. It is intended primarily for civilian use Steyr AUG 20″ Spare Barrel - MUD This replacement barrel fits all models of the Steyr AUG, and will fit in any prior model from the A1 to the new AUG A3 M1. Choose either a 16″ or 20″ barrel with 1/2×28 American threads with your choice of fore grip (Black, Green, Mud, White). This barrel comes with a 1:9 twist [] Steyr AUG Right Hand Bol Steyr 22 lr with Leupold scope 4.5-14x40 30mm the gun was an impulse buy and I really do not need another 22 Eley team,Tac 22 and S&K yellow and red were all under 1/2 moa at 50 yards. $1200.00 gun and scope $800.00 for gun only.gun is sol

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  1. gton/5.56 NATO 16.375 Barrel, Polymer Bullpup Olive DrabGreen Stock Black, 30rd $2,059.89 This item is no longer availabl
  2. Green Austrian STEYR AUG Parts Kit with Sling & Cleaning Kit, 5.56x45 NATO, in *Good* condition. Sold as a parts kit (as pictured).These kits are complete, Less the receiver and barrel assembly.Selectfire trigger pack can be switched between full auto and 3 round burst.Contents of cleaning kit may vary, sling may be incomplete or have a broken binder, may or may not include sight tool.
  3. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! We set ourselves apart by supplying unique parts at a good value and standing by our products by offering outstanding customer service
  4. Barrel and action It's hard to cover the Steyr's barrel and action without leading into the safety and trigger that makes up the SBS system. Starting from the front, the hammer-forged barrel sports the usual spiral twist that is synonymous with Steyr rifles. I did check the twist rate using a nylon bore brush and a tape flag on the cleaning rod.
  5. Steyr Pro Hunter THB (6.5 Creedmoor, 25-inch Threaded Heavy Barrel) Description: This is a new Steyr THB in 6.5 Creedmoor with a 25-inch barrel that is threaded 5/8x24 right-hand. The 6.5 CDM comes standard with an FDE, glass-reinforced polymer, ventilated stock that is weather-resistant and exceptionally durable
  6. 520 mm barrel length; Optional with sound absorbing barrel sleeve. Available in 7.5/16/24 joule (calibre .177) and 16/24/40 joule (calibre .22) Delivered with short compressed air cylinder and one 10-shot drum magazine in a compact rifle case
  7. The 24 barrel fixture was being shipped from FN to Alabama and it was damaged beyond repair during transit. Thanks fedex. Until that is resolved don't expect more 24 barrels. They were never very popular to begin with so I question if Steyr will decide it worthwhile when the 16 and 20 barrels are so popular

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Steyr 98K Barrel in very good cond. Has 742 stamp, bulleyed W, Bo (umlout o), bullseyed STEYR, waffenampt e/623. On the bottom before threads is 6. An O and a J stamped by themselves and 3rd Reich inspector eagle has mostly been buffed but visible, are near the step. Nice blued steel about 600mm.. AUGtober - Steyr AUG with 24 barrel and folding bipod. AUGtober is here and Steyr Arms USA have 24″ barrels with the folding bipod for the Steyr AUG. These are only available in limited quantity. You can select the fore grip color in either Black, Green or Mud. Even white is available in the rare case you should own a Starship Trooper AUG This replacement barrel fits all models of the Steyr AUG, and will fit in any prior model from the A1 to the new AUG A3 M1. Choose either a 16″ or 20″ barrel with 1/2×28 American threads with your choice of fore grip (Black, Green, Mud, White). This barrel comes with a 1:9 twist and comes suppressor-ready for 1/2×28 (no flash hider included) Steyr 9mm L9 Threaded Barrel. Similar Products to Steyr 9mm L9 Threaded Barrel. 1-3 / 10. Steyr AUG Short Rail $125.00 Add to Cart for Your. Special Price. 0. Steyr 10-Round Scout Convertion Adapter Kit $89.99 (Save 11%) $79.99. 0. 2 models Steyr 9mm M9/M9-A1 Threaded Barrel (2) $399.00 (Save 10%) $358.00 Steyr PRO Hunter Mountain- Black RH .270 20 Barrel. STEYR. $731.42. One of Europe's oldest gunmakers Steyr-Mannlicher's reputation for legendary accuracy and durability has kept them in business for over one hundred years. The Pro Hunter Bolt-Action Rifles feature..

STEYR AUG Barrel, 19.5, With Grip, no gas adjuster, partly sanitized, 5.56/.223, in *Good* condition. Sold Individually. These are great replacement barrels for your AUG! Most of the markings have been removed from these barrels. Includes forward grip, and muzzle brake. Gas adjustment assembly is incomplete May show signs of wear, marring. The barrel of the Pro Hunter has a unique look - Steyr refers to the look as swirly - from the cold hammer forging process. It reminds me of wrought iron; twisted and attractive. It uses a traditional hunting crown, and the sightless barrel is of medium contour. The trigger of the Pro Hunter breaks crisp, even if it does have a bit of. Steyr barrels question. Thread starter holly; Start date May 21, 2013; H. holly Dismember. May 21, 2013 #1 Anybody know who makes the latest steyr barrels ? HOLLY . James0807 Active Member. May 21, 2013 #2 I have always been lead to believe, that they are specially produced by Walther with the chrome lining. I am sure this the right information The Steyr Pro THB (Tactical Heavy Barrel) is an entry-level precision rifle built on Steyr's renowned Safe Bolt System (SBS) action mated to a precision cold hammer forged barrel. All hardware is protected by a Mannox finish, making this rifle both weatherproof and reliable. 0 0 0 Specializing In Steyr AUG Type Rifles. Over 3500 AUG/USRs Sold To Date. Tele: 704 668 7973. pjs1inc@aol.com. As We Have Specialized In Steyr AUGs For Over 23 Years. We Will Continue To Stock Steyr AUG Magazines And All Replacement Parts. For Your New And Old STEYR AUG & USRs At Competitive Prices. ** Large Steyr AUG/USR Parts Order Is In **

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Description. This is a barrel machining SERVICE we provide to cut the barrel to the customer's specified length and re-thread Steyr Scout barrels. We can do .223, .308, or .243 barrels. This service is primarily for non-threaded barrels. Customer can choose from 1/2″-28″ or 5/8″-24 thread when sending in their .308 or .243 barrel All came in translusecnt amber (much mite yellow orange than Steyr made AUG magszines) and 30 and 42 rounds were also made in black. MSAR also made 30 round ar-15 magszines which look similar to the MSAR magszines, but wity tye waffle pattern ritated 45 degrees. These were known to have feeding issues. Sven

Steyr EVO 10 E .177 Air Pistols. Subcategory Air Pistols. Make Steyr. Mechanism Pre-charged Pneu... Calibre .177. Model EVO 10 E. This is the top of the range Steyr EVO 10 E Electronic target air pistol, you can't get any better. £ 1,450 ONO Barrel and action It's hard to cover the Steyr's barrel and action without leading into the safety and trigger that makes up the SBS system. Starting from the front, the hammer-forged barrel sports the usual spiral twist that is synonymous with Steyr rifles. I did check the twist rate using a nylon bore brush and a tape flag on the cleaning rod.

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Steyr Arms AUG A3 M1 Rifle - White | .223 Remington | 16 CHF Barrel Model: Steyr AUG A3 M1Purpose: Target shooting, military & law enforcement, multi-gun competitionManufacturer: Steyr Arms USA, Bessemer, AL 35022Operation: Adjustable, short-stroke The Steyr AUG quickly became a favorite due to the compact design and ergonomic features. The AUG was adopted by the Austrian Army in 1977 and the AUG A3 M1 is the latest generation version available to civilian shooters.Thread pattern 1/2 x 28 for a wide variety of Muzzle devices an suppressors The 5 shot STEYR LP 5 has had a long and outstanding career. Now STEYR have developed the LP 5 into the LP 50. This pistol became even smoother and ensures the stability of an ideal competition weapon in any air pistol discipline. Being a great 5 shot weapon for the training of any dynamic pistol disciplines, the LP 50 is even more useful Barrels heat up after firing a certain number of rounds, and when this happens, it affects the accuracy of the rifle. Sometimes you don't want to wait for the barrel to cool down, and perhaps you don't want to go through the hassle of changing the barrel. With the Steyr AUG A3 M1, you can simply twist the barrel and slide it out and change it

Steyr Arms bounced back by partnering with VLTOR in 2012 to manufacture receivers and with FN USA to make barrels. In the same manner that Rolex sells watches, so does Steyr with regard to AUGs: They sell every model they make. Steyr AUG Review. We didn't receive the newest M1 variant for review steyr arms, aug a3 m1, 5.56/.223, 16 barrel, extended rail, white finish armorupsafety.com $1,949.99 Buy STEYR AUGM1GRNEXT AUG A3 M1 WITH EXTENDED RAIL 223 REM,5.56 NATO 16 30+1 BLACK OD GREEN.. Steyr AUG 20″ Spare Barrel - MUD | V1 Tactical trend v1tactical.com. Description This replacement barrel fits all models of the Steyr AUG, and will fit in any prior model from the A1 to the new AUG A3 M1. Choose either a 16″ or 20″ barrel with 1/2×28 American threads with your choice of fore grip (Black, Green, Mud, White) IGB Austria Steyr M12 Barrel. Steyr-Hahn 9mm Barrel. This recently popped up in our comment section and I thought i

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Buy Steyr AUG A3 M1 5.56 NATO Semi Auto Bullpup Rifle 16 Barrel 30 Round : GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 92032288 Description. This is a Steyr RFP pistol chambered in .22 long rifle, with a threaded barrel. Only a handful of these, with the factory threaded barrel, made it into the US. CLICK HERE for more Steyr Steyr rifles for sale are the hunting and tactical weapons that get the job done right on the first shot. With its light weight, fold-away bipod, and integrated spare magazine, the Steyr Scout rifle is a versatile long gun that covers all your hunting and range shooting needs Steyr AUG is bullpup designed assault rifle still in use by various armies and law enforcement agencies around the world (Photo: Steyr) The barrel unit consists of the barrel, gas port and cylinder, gas regulator, and a folding forward handgrip. This grip can be used to change barrels since the barrel locks into the receiver by interrupted lugs Exchanging the barrel / exact setting of the magazin

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On the forward edge of that inner ring, Steyr designers drilled a gas port through to the barrel. The front end of the slide involved a cap device that closed off what was actually a gas chamber Steyr AUG Barrel 14 The 14 barrel is the smallest of all the aug barrels. Possession of this barrel and a Aug requires a special license SBR Short barreled rifle 02. Unlike other Aug gas ports it has an angular port. This model is very short and allows for close combat in confined areas. Thus use of this variation is for specific missions Steyr barrel blanks. Thread starter atblis; Start date Jan 31, 2020; atblis. Jan 31, 2020 #1 There's a Steyr blank for sale in the classifieds. Did Steyr ever sell blanks under their own name? I can't find a single mention on the net regarding anybody buying, selling, or building with Steyr blanks. I know they make the machinery, and some of. Looking to find a source for a Steyr pistol (.177) barrel for a for full size LP 2/10/50. Just not the compact versions. As an alternative, a 12mm dia..

Precision, because Steyr Mannlicher barrels always have been a synonym for accuracy, however, the new optimized barrel profile (O.B.P.) will exceed the previously set standards. Like all Steyr Mannlicher barrels the SM 12 barrels are cold hammer forged, featuring the distinctive forging marks on the outer contour Barrel: 128mm [5.04] rifled 4 groves, rh. Weight unloaded: 1020g [40.2oz] Magazine: 8-round charger-loaded internal box. Muzzle velocity: 1115-1200 fps (360-385 m/s) This well-known pistol is believed to have been designed by Karel Krnka on the basis of the Roth-Steyr 1907 Barrel, 7.62mm, Standard, Used Factory Original. Manufacturer: STEYR. Model: STG-58, STG-58 PARATROOPER. Product #: 911280. $200.0 Steyr Pistols 1912. Parts List. Sort by: Show Available. 0 Schematic w/ Parts List Steyr 1911, 1912 Schematic W/ Parts List Barrel Barrel. Product #: 481580 Shipment prohibited outside USA. Part Key: 10. $71.55. Out of Stock. Add to My Saved Parts. Eligible for FREE shipping *. STEYR M95 8X56R. The M1895 was the Austro-Hungarian main battle rifle during World War I, and for some time afterwards. An estimated 3,500,000 were made and large numbers have reached the US. The rifle was produced by Steyr for the Austrian Army, marked STEYR M 95 on the receiver. For the Hungarian Army the rifle was produced by Budapest.

* Recently reviewed an all matching 1939-42 code with a sE/623 accepted barrel. This pistol has sE/655(2) acceptance marks & the 3rd style test proof. S/N is 74-- x block. I/Side S/plate correctly numbered 75. Later 5MM (fxo-P.08 O/side) aluminum bottom NM mag in the u block('41).. WAFFENFABR.-GES.STEYR. The right side of the barrel shank is marked 1695. The top of the receiver's chamber ring is marked Patent / Mannlicher / Schoenauer / M1903 in fine checkering/matting. The left of the chamber ring is marked with crown over V. The left side of the barrel shank is marked NITRO PROVED, lion over.

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Steyr Rifle; Steyr SSG69 Stock; Steyr SSG 69 PI, PII, PIV; Steyr Scout; Steyr Sights; Steyr Pistol; Izhmash 7-3 & 7-4; Anschutz Barrels; Anschutz Barrels. 36 - 550mm Sprint Nitrate Barrel 1827. $495.95. 1913 Finished Drop in Barrel 690mm (27.2 in) $579.95. 2007/2013 Finished Drop in Barrel 660mm (26 in The dimensions of the Steyr were very similar to those of the Colt M1911, barrel lengths for both being 5″ and the weight of the two pistols being almost identical. The Steyr M1912 was created as the replacement for the Roth-Steyr M1907 and the aging Rast & Gasser revolvers of 1898 Barrels; Barrel Configurator; Glock Barrels. Select Model; Glock 17 Gen. 2-4. Configurator G17; Glock 17 Gen 5. Configurator G17 G5; Glock 19 Gen. 2-4. Configurator G19; Glock 19 Gen 5. Configurator G19 G5; Glock 19 X. Configurator G19X; Glock 20. Configurator G20; Glock 21. Configurator G21; Glock 22 Gen. 2-4. Configurator G22; Glock 23 Gen. 2. Design Details. The M1911 uses a short recoil system and is based on the Roth-Steyr's action. A conventional full-slide contains the barrel, the components being locked together by two lugs on top of the barrel engaging recesses in the slide. The barrel is held in the frame by a helical lug beneath the breech, which engages a groove in the frame The Steyr HS .50 is a heavy-hitting rifle built for a new era of long range shooting. The free-floating barrel is cold-hammer forged, providing consistent accuracy when launching .50 BMG (12.7x99mm) rounds at an effective range of up to nearly 1,650 yards (1,500 meters)

The Strike Industries Steyr Aug Barrel Extension provides a new option for those needing to increase the overall length of Aug pattern N rifles. The extension increases the overall barrel length while maintaining the sleek factory lines of the platform. Features. 30 overall length with factory flash hider; Matches contour of factory barrel The A2 series brings the Steyr pistol line into the modern world and beyond with new features and a redesigned, Modular Frame. These new features with the original timeless design of a multi-function pistol chassis has set the industry standard that others follow

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[PARTS] .357 Sig match grade drop-in barrels for Steyr C, S, M, L .40 space gats | 265.00 + free shipping What would you guys say in the average barrel life for a .308, I've heard of some .308's going 8k rounds on a barrel. This SSG I've been looking at has 2,500 rounds through it and the seller told me that Steyr told him their barrels are good for 20k rounds, I went to their web site and got in contact with a rep. for Steyr USA and they told me the same thing!

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The Steyr SSG M1 in the much more potent sniper round .338 Lapua Magnum with its 23 in / 590mm barrel is somewhat heavier at 15 lbs / 6,82 kg. Franco Palamaro As one of the possible mission configurations, the Steyr SSG M1 is fitted with a KAHLES K624i scope and Aimpoint red dot Steyr Scout Tactical Rifle. Steyr Mannlicher is also producing a Tactical version of the Scout. The original version that was produced for Swiss sales was fitted with a 20 (50.8 cm) barrel with a 1:10 (1:25.4 cm) twist and its muzzle was threaded to accept sound suppressors which are legal for Swiss citizens to own The basis of the STEYR air pistol range offers all the features of the appreciated, preeminent quality of STEYR: nickel-plated barrels, anodized surfaces and a legendary precision! The Evo 10 with mechanical trigger

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The new Steyr Pro THB is a tough, compact, general-purpose rifle chambered in the consummate general-purpose cartirdge, the .308 Win. It has a go-anywhere, do-anything configuration that will resonate with shooters who expect their rifle to survive rough handling in hospitable environments and still perform at a high level This is a quick barrel change system, meaning you can swap barrels with a barrel vise, but without having to headspace the new barrel, as all of the barrels are indexed the same. Steyr believes that, with current barrel attachment systems, until a better solution is found, any tool-less barrel change will degrade its rifles' mythical accuracy From a 19 barrel, the Steyr can fall below the 25 barreled H&H by up to 300fps. Compared to the .35 Whelen, the .35 Whelen AI and the .350 Remington Magnum and taking various brands of brass into consideration, the Steyr holds around 5 grains more water, a very minor difference. The .376 Steyr is comparable to the .375-06 and especially. The STEYR AUG Z is the civilian version of the world-famous STEYR AUG - a gasoperated semiautomatic rifle with a Picatinny rail (Mil. Std. 1913) which allows quick attachment of various optic devices. The cold hammer forged and hard chrome plated barrel with a twist rate 1 in 9 guarantees high reliability. What kind of kit does Steyr AUG use

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Airgun barrels standard profile standard profile with choke polygon profile polygon profile with choke smoothbore with choke stainless Black powder rifle barrels Shotgun barrels Contoured rifle barrel blanks Drop-in gun barrels AR10/AR15 gun barrels 50 BMG Rimfire Custom Made rifle barrels Test barrels Gun barrel accessories Bargains Achievement The Steyr AUG HBAR is a longer, heavier-barreled version for use as a light machine gun variant of the Steyr AUG. The AUG HBAR is a gas-operated weapon system developed by Steyr-Mannlicher GmbH of Austria from the base modular AUG assault rifle family line. The AUG family was a revolutionary, if somewhat futuristic-looking, bullpup weapons design of the late 1970s that featured base components. STEYR AUG 30RD 5.56x45MM WINDOW MAGAZINE, AC-UNITY. Price $16.95. More Details Buy. PMAG 30RD AUS GEN M3 WINDOW MAG, STEYR AUG 5.56x45MM. Price $18.95 The hammer forged Steyr barrels are very fast. Limited additional firings of 3 shots each at 100 yards with Winchester, Remington, Lapua, and several other brands yielded an average for all 3-shot groups of slightly over 1.2 MOA. While single 3-shot groups are statistically meaningless the results do help to corroborate that the Steyr Scout. Product Description Steyr Arms, Zephyr II, Bolt Action, 22LR, 19.7 Threaded Barrel, Blue Finish, Walnut Stock, Right Hand, 1 Magazine, 5Rd Product Specifications UPC C